EastEnders spoilers: Zack and Whitney’s tragic final goodbye to lost baby Peach

There is yet another tragic event to come (Picture: BBC)

In EastEnders, Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) and Zack Hudson (James Farrar) were devastated to learn that their child had Edward’s syndrome.

When a baby’s cells contain three duplicates of chromosome 18 rather than two, it develops differently and is known as Edwards syndrome.

Only 13 out of 100 babies born with the condition live past their first birthday, making it improbable that they will survive past birth.

Whitney and Zack will soon be required to bid a heartbreaking goodbye to their child in upcoming scenes.

Whitney becomes more open to the notion of spending time with baby Peach after speaking with a nurse.

Before saying their sincere farewell, they and Zack spend one last tender moment with their daughter.

To correctly portray and promote awareness of Edward’s Syndrome, the EastEnders cast collaborated with SOFT UK and Antenatal Results and Choices.

According to Jane Fisher, Director at Antenatal Results and Choices, “this is a distressing and frequently isolating time for expectant parents as they try and manage their next steps in a state of emotional turmoil and it’s rarely spoken about.”

“Well done EastEnders for taking on this difficult topic, and we’re happy they included us to help them treat the storyline with such sensitivity and compassion,” the statement reads.

Chris Clenshaw, the show’s executive producer, added:

It was crucial for us to collaborate with Antenatal Results and Choices and SOFT UK in order to carefully and accurately depict such an emotional storyline that many parents may be able to identify with.

The performances by Shona McGarty and James Farrar thoughtfully and sympathetically conveyed the realities of the prognosis and the decision-making process.

“We hope that this tale connects with the audience and that we have portrayed it as sensitively and truthfully as we possibly can.”

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