Emmerdale spoilers: Triple exit as Amy and Matty leave the village with Kyle

Is this a good idea? (Pictures: ITV)

On Emmerdale, a marriage proposal will shortly occur when Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) asks Matty to marry her (Ash Palmisciano). But might she be concealing something?

In fact, Matty begins to believe that Amy is more concerned with her custody dispute with Kyle (Huey Quinn) than she is with him. Does she believe that her chances of obtaining sole custody of her boy will be improved by her marriage? He confides his dread to Moira (Natalie J. Robb), who, as was to be expected, is furious upon learning that Amy intends to separate Kyle from her and Cain (Jeff Hordley).

When Cain learns this, he moves quickly to face Amy at her home and enlists the help of his brother Caleb (William Ash) to see if he can use his connections in the legal system to thwart Amy’s scheme.

However, things quickly change when Kyle and juvenile Carl Holliday (Charlie Munro Joyce) start fighting violently. Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) accuses Kyle of being responsible for what transpired and threatens to contact the authorities, pointing out that he has already been charged with Al Chapman’s murder (Michael Wildman).

Knowing what it could mean for Kyle, Cain and Amy beg Nicola not to call the authorities. Nicola ultimately changes her mind, but it takes Amy to convince her, and Cain comes to the painful realisation that Nicola and many other villagers blame Kyle’s recent behaviour on his toxic influence over the boy.

He comes to the opinion that his son would be better off without him and that he is no good for Kyle.

He tells a distraught Moira that he won’t stand in the way of Amy’s plans to have sole custody of Kyle and that, in fact, he should cut off all communication with his son for Kyle’s sake.

Moira is certain that her spouse is making a terrible error that he will never be able to recover from. Even worse for her, Moira runs the chance of losing Matty if Amy, Matty, and Kyle move away as a family, as Cain believes would be best.

Will Cain come to realise his error? Or is Amy, Matty, and Kyle saying goodbye?

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