EastEnders spoilers: Ben’s money struggles to worsen as he helps dying Lola

After offering to give money to Lola Pearce, who was dying, in tonight’s episode of EastEnders, Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) might have put himself in serious trouble (Danielle Harold).

His child’s mother Lola stated that despite wanting to treat her, she ultimately had to charge the necessary items to a credit card.

The only issue was that it needed to be paid off by the end of the week, but she didn’t want to share this information with her brand-new husband Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick), who she claimed already had enough on his schedule.

Little did she know that Jay had admitted they were having financial difficulties, and Ben had offered him a loan soon after they had returned from their honeymoon.

Ben promised to find a means to get Lola the money, but still agreed to pay off her credit card.

He wanted to do everything in his power to support Lola as her final days draw near after learning that she has an inoperable brain tumour, which was discovered after her diagnosis last year.

For the neighbourhood technician, things don’t appear to be going to be that simple.

Ben got a call from his insurance provider right before Lola showed up, telling him he owed them money.

Ben agreed to pay but expressed shock at how much more costly it had gotten.

Will Ben be able to fulfil all of these commitments, or is he likely to run into trouble?

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