Emmerdale spoilers: Marshall returns to abusive dad Colin after cruel new move?

Colin knows what he’s doing (Picture: ITV)

It appeared that would be the last time we would see Marshall (Max Fletcher) in Emmerdale after he recently disclosed to Arthur (Alfie Clarke) that his homophobic dad Colin (Mark Noble) was sending him away to boarding school so he’d be away from Arthur’s influence

However, it appears from upcoming episodes that this is not the case, as Marshall is still undetected in the community. When Marshall starts sobbing uncontrollably, Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy), who has just discovered him and is about to contact his father, realises something is seriously wrong.

Everyone is taken aback by Colin’s manner when he first arrives. He hugs Marshall tightly and appears to truly care about how Marshall is feeling, as opposed to being stern and angry as would be expected. Marshall won’t need to transfer to a private school, he assures, and he even expresses his delight at his son’s friendship with Arthur.

Although Arthur is not at all persuaded by Colin’s change of heart, Laurel feels as though she made a major error in calling Colin because of his response. Laurel determines she must take action to assist the boy after Arthur informs her of how tense the situation has been between Marshall and Colin.

Marshall is allowed to move in with Laurel and Jai (Chris Bisson), but Jai is a little concerned about how it will affect the rest of the family. As a result of hearing this discussion, Marshall feels unwelcome in the home.

Marshall is therefore conflicted when Colin suddenly shows up, purportedly apologising profusely and declaring his love for Marshall. Should he return home, where he will once more be in Colin’s control, or remain with Jai and Laurel, where he fears he won’t be welcomed?

Marshall is at a loss as Colin attempts to coerce him into returning home by sending him a barrage of loving messages and apologising for rejecting him due to his sexual orientation.

Will he rejoin Colin? Will he be secure if he does?

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