Soap & Spoilers Coronation Street Major Coronation Street villain confirmed for return

Major Coronation Street villain confirmed for return

Unwelcome and dangerous Damon is back on the Boulevard (Picture: ITV)

Coronation Street has confirmed the return of one of its main villains, as evil Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths) arrives back on the cobbles.

Damon was last seen on the street before he was taken into custody for smuggling narcotics into the Bistro.

The bad boy, whose identity as Harvey Gaskell’s (Will Mellor) brother had previously come to light, had been making Nick Tilsley’s life miserable by blackmailing him into carrying out his dirty job.

After his son Sam Blakeman (Jude Riordan) was trapped in a gunfight and two masked men stormed the restaurant in search of the drug shipment, Nick eventually realised what was going on.

Nick came to the conclusion that the only way he could keep his family safe was to report Damon’s shady activities to the authorities.

Dee-Dee doesn’t want to see that visage (Picture: ITV)

Officers were then able to intercept him fleeing the flat with the drugs, catching him in the act.

He was then brought to the station after being accused of the crime and never seen or heard from again.

That was it up until now.

According to spoilers, Damon will visit Coronation Street once more the following week in search of a lawyer to defend him.

He enters the workplace to the horror of Dee Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown), who orders him to sling his hook.

Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson), on the other hand, has other plans and urges them to take him on as a customer.

Will Dee Dee concur or will she send Damon fleeing permanently?

What does this imply for Nick and his family now that the villain is back on the Street?

We know that Damon is dangerous, particularly if you cross him.

When he threatened his own son, Jacob (Jack James Ryan), and made him flee Weatherfield, we saw just how dangerous he could be.

Could Nick be about to experience the same thing?

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