Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Emmerdale spoilers: Liam reveals that he tried to take his own life in emotional scenes

Emmerdale spoilers: Liam reveals that he tried to take his own life in emotional scenes

Liam revealed that he ended up in hospital after being found by his friend (Pictures: ITV)

The entire male cast was the center of tonight’s Emmerdale episode as Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) became obsessed with getting his friends to talk. Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) revealed during their conversation that he once attempted suicide.

After Marlon was able to save Paddy, he was placed under lock-in. (Dominic Brunt). After experiencing depression and isolation for months, his friend had hit a breaking point.

Marlon, Bear (Joshua Richards), and Paddy’s friends have been attempting to get him to open up since the incident, but he hasn’t been ready until now.

They didn’t quite know what to say as Cain (Jeff Hordley), Sam (James Hooton), Bob (Tony Audenshaw), Liam, Marlon, Nate (Jurell Carter), Jimmy (Nick Miles), and Charles (Kevin Mathurin) congregated around the bar.

Paddy, who was in the backroom, came up in discussion soon after.

Cain being Cain, he stood up and made an attempt to find Paddy, remarking that nobody really knew what he was doing or thinking at the time.

If Paddy isn’t ready to talk, he isn’t ready to talk, Liam reaffirmed to him.

Cain was a little irritated because he believed Liam was acting like Doctor Liam by implying that he could connect by using his medical expertise regarding mental health issues.

Then Liam explained that he can connect personally because he attempted suicide while he was in medical school.

He admitted to the villagers that he didn’t feel like he had any companions while he was training and that he might not have survived had it not been for another student returning a textbook to his room.

When a younger Liam started to feel better, he realized how much he was adored because everyone in the corridor with him took turns making sure he was never alone.

Bear then enquired as to Liam’s experience following the incident. He claimed that he was fortunate because he could already tell that things were getting better.

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