First look as Jamelia cast in full time Hollyoaks role

The performer appears to be at ease. (Picture GoffPhotos)

Jamelia, a singer, has joined the Hollyyoaks cast permanently and has been filming with the actors for her title sequence appearance.

The vocalist with the platinum record portrays Sharon Bailey, the mother of Zoe and Pearl’s daughter.

She will show up as Sharon pays a call to Zoe and Pearl for a Mother’s Day-themed special episode.

Jamelia smiled, “I just can’t express you how happy I am to be back at Hollyoaks. ‘On set, we’ve been having a blast, and I’ve already made some wonderful pals, both old and new.

The dynamics of the family are upset by Sharon’s significant entrance! The three generations of women are complicated, but ideally that makes sense.

Sharon hasn’t always put her daughter first, and now her mother is caught in the midst. There are many issues for them to resolve, and I’m eager to see how that plays out for fans.

She’s returned, and this time it’s permanent. (Picture: GoffPhotos)

Sharon was first introduced to viewers in a one-hour Black To Front segment from 2021.

In an hour-long special guest episode, Sharon honored Walter’s birthday with the Deveraux family.

Now that she is returning to the part permanently, Sharon is beaming as she reunites with her on-screen family.

Jamelia is getting ready to make her television debut in the show’s opening titles while holding a hot water bottle on a very chilly day of shooting.

With the clan (Picture: GoffPhotos)

You haven’t even been in Hollyoaks if you haven’t taken a promotional photo with the recognizable Hollyoaks sign, so she was fast to do that.

Upon being cast in Hollyoaks in 2021, the music sensation gushed: “Filming Hollyoaks has been the most fantastic experience,” she said.

I felt so at home and happy that it was like being around family. It’s simply been incredible. This isn’t meant to be work, I can’t believe it.

This episode’s diversity within the Black experience is, in my opinion, what makes it important, and I believe it’s really important for that.

“Black people are frequently depicted in a monolithic manner, so I believe that an episode like this is crucial in demonstrating the variety of Black personhood. I feel incredibly honored to be a part of this show. It’s been wonderful.

So amazing that she couldn’t help but agree to remain there permanently by signing on the dotted line.

She will be thrown into the action of the notoriously chaotic family, but it is unclear what she will get up to in and around the community.

With shooting in full swing, viewers can anticipate Sharon’s return in a few weeks.

Jamelia also appeared in a 2003 episode of Hollyoaks.

Episodes of Doctors and Death In Paradise were among her other TV appearances.

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