EastEnders spoilers: Stacey and Kat’s almighty fight destroys the Slaters

Kat’s extravagant spending has wounded Stacey’s dignity. (Pictures: BBC)

Recently, Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) has been having a lot of trouble on EastEnders, and Kat’s (Jessie Wallace) efforts to assist her ended up disastrously backfiring when a huge argument broke out.

Terrified After robbing a cash tin at her cleaning job last week, Stacey was in danger of going to prison.

Due to the cost of living crisis, the mother of three had been battling to make ends meet and was in dire need of the money.

She was interrogated by the police tonight, leaving her and the rest of the family fearful for the future.

Fortunately for Stacey, the charges against her were dropped after she spoke to the security guard who had captured her.

Stacey committed workplace theft. (Picture: BBC)

Her troubles didn’t stop here, though.

She was welcomed home by a new fridge freezer after her old one collapsed. It was a present from Kat, who had robbed the “bank of Phil” to support her family.

But she didn’t stop there; she also bought the family takeout and a pregnant Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) a new, properly fitting school outfit.

Having already felt guilty for missing Lily’s award presentation, poor Stacey was unable to control her emotions when she saw Kat spending the money so carelessly.

She accused Kat of forgetting what it’s like to exist in the real world since becoming a Mitchell, leaving Kat defensive.

Stacey wouldn’t listen to Kat’s insistence that she still had to fight for what she had.

Stacey acknowledged being envious after Kat accused her of being so.

She noted that she wishes she could “swan off on vacation four times a year” like Kat does, but that she is instead wearing herself out by working two jobs to try to support the family.

Stacey was accused of putting her pride before her children by Kat, who pointed out that her sons were always immaculately dressed even when she was “dirt poor,” a reference to Lily’s worn-out, torn school uniform.

Due to this, Stacey became extremely irrational and accused Kat of failing to appreciate the extent she had gone to for her children.

Stacey threw her food all over her cousin after Kat insisted that Stacey’s kids deserved better, which placed the final nail in the coffin.

Stacey quickly pointed out that Kat had forgotten what it was like to want to hold onto your dignity when you have nothing else, despite Kat’s best efforts to convince her that she understood how that felt.

After ordering Kat to leave, she departed, notifying Stacey that she was now on her own.

Will the Slaters ever bounce back from this titanic battle?

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