Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Emmerdale spoilers: Charity is furious as Moira confronts Mack about his baby predicament.

Emmerdale spoilers: Charity is furious as Moira confronts Mack about his baby predicament.

Prior to the big day, nothing is going right (Picture: ITV)

In forthcoming episodes, Sarah (Katie Hill) and Chloe (Jessie Elland) will return to Emmerdale from Scotland, and Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) will once again be perspiring due to the stress of keeping Chloe’s baby’s paternity a secret.

He is so pleased to learn that she would only be returning to the Dales for a single medical visit before relocating permanently to Scotland.

Although sensing an odd vibe between her brother and Chloe, Moira (Natalie J. Robb) first chooses to keep her thoughts to herself as she works to plan both Charity’s (Emma Atkins) hen party and Mack’s stag party.

Natalie J. Robb said in an interview, “She simply felt that he still had that want to be a parent.” And I believe that he truly wants it.

She detects it since she thinks he isn’t telling her everything for this reason. So Moira simply wants to be sure he’s making the correct choice since she believes it to be a significant sacrifice.

Later, though, she brings up babies with Mackenzie. Since Moira misinterpreted his response to Chloe, she thinks that he is now considering having children in the future, even though Charity has all but ruled it out. She pushes it far enough for him to consider it and to begin to doubt it, Moira says. But once she realises he’s insistent and okay with it, he informs her, and she immediately abandons the idea. She doesn’t press the issue too hard.

Naturally, Charity is furious when she returns home and discovers Moira there casting doubt on her engagement to her fiancé.

As Natalie said, “With those two, the stage is always prepared! With Moira and Charity, arguments are always possible. They have extremely strong personalities and sometimes disagree.

Charity is irritated, but Moira manages to ignore her because she’s more concerned with making sure her brother doesn’t ruin his life (it’s far, far too late for that Moira) and she keeps pushing him to think carefully about whether he can handle a life without having children of his own.

If that’s the case, is her brother truly certain he wants to give up the potential to have children of his own in order to spend the rest of his life with Charity?

When speaking to Mack, Moira has the best of intentions, but Charity won’t share her perspective. (Image from ITV)

Mack informs Charity, who is starting to show signs of suspicion, that Moira is certain he wants to be a father more than anything else in the world. He adamantly maintains that Moira is mistaken and that this is not the case, but Charity doesn’t buy it and leaves the room.

Mack warns Moira that if she ruins his opportunity at happiness with Charity, he won’t ever forgive her, but as everyone is well aware, there are far deeper secrets that are just waiting to be revealed.

And they might surprise leave Moira on Charity’s side.

Natalie told us, “I believe it’s something that Moira would think is just truly crossing a line. She would, in my opinion, be really disappointed with Mackenzie.

So, I don’t believe she would respond favourably. She could lean more towards Charity’s side than Mackenzie’s, in my opinion. While it’s not about sides, I believe she would be unhappy with his approach.

Will we soon learn the truth?

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