Coronation Street spoilers. Gemma’s wedding day destroyed in major disaster?

Gemma’s special day may go horribly wrong. (Image credit: MCPIX/Zenpix)

Due to Gemma Winter’s (Dolly-Rose Campbell) inability to decide which dress she wants to wear, her big day in Coronation Street may end in tragedy.

In subsequent scenes, the well-known character—who is engaged to Chesney Brown, played by Sam Aston—will visit a wedding shop with her mother Bernie and brother Paul Foreman.

Dolly-Rose Campbell, Jane Hazelgrove, and Peter Ash, who portray Gemma, Bernie, and Paul, respectively, were among the cast members seen on site filming the disputed sequences for the ITV soap opera.

In the photos taken during the photo session, Gemma is seen wearing one outfit in particular: a white dress with silver accents. Would this be the one she wears on the wedding day?

Will the big day go off without a hitch, to put it another way? Or will there be more heartache in the future?

All you have to do is watch to find out.

Gemma tries on a wedding dress in upcoming scenes (Picture: MCPIX / Zenpix)

But will she stick with the outfit she picked out in the end? (Image credit: MCPIX/Zenpix)

Chesney was surprised when Gemma stated earlier this year that she wanted to be married. But, the pair has found the cost of living problem to be difficult, and things only became worse once Gemma got a big gas bill.

Paul has been concerned about his health since since he was hurt in an accident earlier this year when Carla Connor (Alison King), who was unintentionally under the influence of narcotics, crashed into his motorcycle.

Dolly-Rose and Jane, who play mother and daughter Gemma and Bernie, were pictured on-location filming the scenes in question (Picture: MCPIX / Zenpix)

Will a catastrophe occur? (Image credit: MCPIX/Zenpix)

Unaware that she is being poisoned by murderer Stephen Reid, Gemma insists that the builder, who had pledged to assist her out financially, sue Carla for what transpired after he was rendered unable to work owing to his injuries (Todd Boyce).

Will Gemma and Chesney be able to go down the aisle, however, with everything going on in their family?

Or is their day destined to fail, much like the majority of weddings in Weatherfield?

Will Gemma and Chesney’s big day end in disaster? (Picture: MCPIX / Zenpix)

Viewers are aware that Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) and Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) are planning to tie the knot at the same time.

Yet, recent on-location shooting images show that their great day will also end tragically.

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