Coronation Street star.Maureen Lipman discusses what it was like filming Cerberus’ death

Evelyn has had Cerberus at her side for what seems like ages! (Image from ITV)

Coronation Street will shortly experience a devastating loss when Evelyn Plummer’s (Maureen Lipman) cherished dog Cerberus passes away.

Evelyn mourns the death of Cerberus, a brown and white greyhound that has been by her side for over five years. Filming the dog’s demise sequences, according to Maureen Lipman, brought up memories of her own recent canine loss.

It wasn’t hard for her to picture this since she had to say goodbye to her actual dog on Zoom, she informed us. Boss, who goes by Cerberus, is a nice dog with a genuinely kind disposition and is an exceptionally gorgeous hound. I really loved him. Gorgeous.’

She said that it seemed like Boss was aware that his time on Corrie was running out. It seems as if he knew he was being forgotten. For a few days, he was a little quiet. That was much more tragic because of his bravery.

Maureen said that Cerberus becomes sick as a consequence of a rare instance of Roy Cropper’s (David Neilson) negligence.

He is the one who let an Eccles cake to stay on his property, because raisins, grapes, and currents are toxic to dogs. When Cerberus doesn’t eat his food, Evelyn writes it down to a stomach ache. She then takes him to the vet, where they discover that his kidneys are deteriorating. She continues to insist that she wants a second opinion and that she doesn’t want to accept it since it is absurd.

Naturally, Evelyn responds negatively when she learns the cause of Cerberus’ illness (Picture: ITV)

For everyone involved, according to Maureen, the real sequences in which Cerberus has be put to sleep were difficult.

That is quite depressing. I’ve blacked out recording it even though it was just a few weeks ago. He was very courageous to the end, he simply laid there, we were all on the floor with this wonderful spirit. The dog is obviously OK, but I genuinely miss having him around. Just nine, he. It was stunning when my dog, who I treat like a part of the family, became 16 years old.

Boss’s encounter with the late Queen, which was related by Maureen, was one of the highlights of his tenure on the programme.

“Is he a good actor?” the Queen asked this dog when she visited the scene. I said, “Oh, ma’am, I keep a lot of liver in my vest!” It is true; I would have liver on everything, even my pockets,” she recounted.
In classic Evelyn fashion, Maureen informed us that her character is adamant about moving on while understanding the enormous void that her dog’s passing has left in her life.

She said that losing a dog is similar to losing a spouse or a lover since routines must alter and nobody wants a sad person. As a result, she believes she must learn to stop dwelling on the loss and go on with her life.

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