EastEnders spoilers: Lacey Turner reveals Stacey Slater’s attack terror from ‘creepy thug’

Shiv, the violent loan shark, leaves Stacey feeling “scared” and threatening. (Image: Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron / BBC)

When Shiv the loan shark reveals his actual self and demands money from Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), viewers of EastEnders will be left dreading the worst.

As fans are aware, the well-liked character is having a difficult time making ends meet due to the rising cost of living, and earlier this month she turned to stealing money from a factory while she was cleaning.

But as further problems arise, the mother becomes anxious for more money. She and Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) are subsequently astounded to learn how Freddie (Bobby Brazier) has been earning his money.

Actress Lacey Turner said of the character, “She simply thinks it’s such an unusual thing to do.” In her world, “Freddie’s money-making strategies has never even shown up,” Turner said.

Yet because she is making decent money, I believe that part of her also believes that as long as the rent is paid, the rent is paid. She does warn him to stop, but after seeing that he is in fact earning some money from it, she attempts to persuade him to keep doing it.

But, Stacey’s focus quickly shifts when Shiv the loan shark, from whom she borrowed money earlier this year to repair the food truck, arrives to collect his money and immediately establishes himself as anything but amiable.

Shiv asks Stacey for more money, but she is out of money (Image: BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron)

Stacey panics at this time, according to Lacey, but soon gets assistance from Alfie Moon.

‘Alfie walks up with some money that he’s earned, so there’s a feeling of relief, but then Shiv begs for more money for the following day,’ said the serial actor. He demands his money more urgently the more the Slaters frustrate him.

Shiv displays his real colors in the aforementioned incidents, threatening violence if he isn’t given what he feels he is due, as Lacey had alluded to. When asked whether Stacey is afraid of the persona, Lacey said, “Absolutely, without a doubt.”

I believe she is afraid of him. He is a really unsettling dude. He’s a frightening thug, not just a regular thug.

Stacey’s only choice, as Lacey acknowledged, is to utilize Freddie’s money to bail herself out of this predicament.

She explained to us that she truly had no option and is aware of this.

“In a perfect world, she simply helps everyone and keeps everyone afloat, but I believe she realizes she’s in a circumstance where she doesn’t really have a choice so she has to accept it.”

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