Emmerdale spoilers: Alex kills Manpreet in violent robbery gone wrong?

Alex was prone to getting into trouble. (Images from ITV)

When it comes to his own daughter, Vicar Charles (Kevin Mathurin) has the abilities of a bloodhound to smell out a bad lad in Emmerdale, despite the fact that he is normally all about finding the good in people. He is aware that her new boyfriend Alex is a bad guy, and Alex is ready to show him in the worst manner possible.

To indulge Naomi (Karene Peter) in this new relationship, Charles disregarded his senses and gave in to Naomi’s demands. Yet, Manpreet might die as a result of that choice (Rebecca Sarker).

Yet right now, Charles is being made to grovel while Alex just reveals his positive side. It is a risky farce because Manpreet will be caught in the crossfire as Alex prepares to commit a theft.

a.. your.. your.. your.. your.. your.. your.. your.. your.. He hears Manpreet on the phone talking about how the medications would be delivered to the operation, and his eyes start to flash dollar signs. He makes a secret call after he has discovered the motherload.

The next day, Alex is upset with the person on the other end of the phone as they speak. Yet gullible Naomi and Charles believe him when he claims he has a job interview while he’s busy planning something awful.

His deception is exposed when Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) see him in the midst of a nefarious act on the outskirts of the hamlet transferring money to an unknown lady.

Belle struggles with whether to tell Naomi what she witnessed but decides to be honest in the end. In classic Naomi fashion, she doesn’t believe it until Chas supports Belle, at which point Naomi is compelled to admit they could be correct.

She confronts her new flame and exposes him for the liar he is, but he provides a sincere justification for meeting the unknown lady. After seeing Max’s father in jail, he pretends to be Max’s supporter and introduces Naomi to Clare and her son Max. Lying after lie.

Before leaving, Alex checks to make sure everything is well with Naomi at home. Yet, when he returns, it becomes clear that their relationship is a façade. His ultimate motive is to steal all he can from the operation.

Because of electrical problems, the operation is closed, so Alex takes advantage of the situation to steal Manpreet’s keys. He goes down there armed and looks for the narcotics. Yet Alex doesn’t anticipate a surprise guest since the surgery is closed.

Manpreet enters after seeing that the clinic is open. As she suddenly enters, he becomes alarmed and gathers his weapons to quiet her. How much will he do to silence her?

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