Emmerdale spoilers: Belle stuns Naomi with a major revelation that changes everything

Belle has a statement to make. (Images from ITV)

When Naomi (Karene Peter) recently disclosed her current lover was none other than Alex Moore (Liam Boyle), a convicted drug dealer who earlier attempted to flee with Lucas (Noah Ryan Aspinall), his kid with Dawn Taylor, Naomi startled her father Charles (Kevin Mathurin) in Emmerdale.

Later, it was discovered that he had also fathered Clemmie. She was found lying on a dog bed in a drug den when Dawn first saw her at the funeral of her closest friend.

It makes sense that Charles tried his hardest to convince his daughter that Alex was a nasty person now that we’re beginning to put together what type of person Alex is.

Karene Peter claims that Naomi, who is certain that Alex has changed, is unaffected by any of this.

‘He’s incredibly charming and quite persuasive and she fully takes him at his word,’ she told us. She seems to have more faith in his reinvention the more people object to it, in my opinion. She can relate to Alex in certain ways since she has experienced what it’s like to just have negative opinions of yourself. She also recognizes a little piece of herself in Alex, which makes her feel a connection with him.

Yet Alex doesn’t take long to start displaying his real colors. He tells Naomi that he is heading to a job interview, but as Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) are having a conversation outside the hamlet, they see Alex giving money to an unknown lady. Is he purchasing or dispenses drugs? Has he been unfaithful to Naomi?

Belle can’t help but speak out when she overhears Alex telling Naomi later at the Woolpack that the “interview” went well; Chas then verifies Belle’s account to Naomi.

What will Naomi do? And, what is Alex doing?

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