Emmerdale star.Natalie J Robb relieved soap didn’t split Moira and Cain

Cain and Moira may have been split up simply (Picture: ITV)

Most serial couples would be torn apart if one of the partners was sent in prison for a murder he admitted to committing in order to protect his kid, but Emmerdale actress Natalie J. Robb has expressed her satisfaction that Moira and her husband Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) survived the trauma.

Given that Moira and Cain had previously broken up, it would have seemed like the inevitable course for the drama to follow once again in this tense circumstance.

Yet, Natalie expressed her happiness that the characters had been able to “display more of a strength” in a recent conversation with.

She said, “I believe they’ve gone through all the hardships with Kyle and all they went through in jail, it was evident that she was definitely going to wait for him and be by his side and make it work one way or another. It’s easy for people to just walk off and have affairs and do all that.”

Even though she may have sometimes had second thoughts, she occasionally stumbles before fully committing to the idea that this is it and how things are going to be. So, I believe it demonstrates the genuine strength of their marriage.

During their recent struggle, Cain and Moira shown strength (Picture: ITV)

Given the popularity of the couple, fondly known as Coira, fans were undoubtedly in favour of it.

Hence, it will be a relief to learn that the family may be sailing in less turbulent seas for the time being.

Perhaps, Kyle will experience more stable times, but something else will inevitably occur, Natalie reflected.

There will always be something happening inside the Dingle family, even if Kyle isn’t involved!

Nonetheless, at this time, I believe it will remain steady for a while.

That’s great for the family, but it doesn’t guarantee that Moira will be drama-free.

With Charity (Emma Atkins) likely to be dissatisfied by Moira asking Mack (Lawrence Robb) whether he can handle not having children, Natalie is not ruling out a major confrontation between the rivals since “The scene is always set with those two!”

As the wedding draws near, it is obvious that Moira will be involved in the preparations; Natalie has loved recording the moments that will appear on our televisions in the next weeks.

The actress grinned and said, “I believe Moira’s going to be in the mix of things.” It had been enjoyable to film.

“I do believe Charity will continue to believe Moira is attempting to undermine things, but that is really not the case at all,” I said.

Charity is extremely sensitive about everything, and Moira only realises how much Charity cares for her brother in the days leading up to the wedding.

But the manner in which Charity communicates it is a different matter; she just becomes too sensitive to everything, and they are undoubtedly always arguing and miscommunicating.

In another perspective, “It’s like a jigsaw puzzle that may not be repaired.”

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