Coronation Street spoilers. Brave Amy reports rapist Aaron to the police

An enormous stride is taken (Picture: ITV)

Next episodes of Coronation Street will continue to deal with the fallout from Amy Barlow’s (Elle Mulvaney) experience with rape as she must decide whether or not to report the incident to the police.

During a night of binge drinking that resulted in them both kissing, Amy was raped by Aaron Sandford (James Craven). Nevertheless, when Amy passed out and was unable to give her agreement to what occurred next, Aaron proceeded to have sex with her. When Amy awoke the next morning and found her panties on the floor, she gradually realised something extremely horrible had occurred.

Adam (Sam Robertson) offers Amy a friendly squeeze to express his support as she gets ready for Daisy (Charlotte Jordanwedding )’s and uncomfortably stands in her bridesmaid dress; however, Simon (Alex Bain) observes how Amy flinches from Adam’s contact. When he asks Amy about it, she brushes him off, but Tracy notices this (Kate Ford).

Aaron contacts Amy to propose that they put the incident behind them yet he is still certain that they both desired sex. Aaron explains what happened when Summer (Harriet Bibby) notices this, infuriating her enough to approach Amy about what she perceives to be a breach of their relationship.

Amy sobs uncontrollably, screaming that Summer is mistaken. Tracy, who is understandably shocked to learn what has happened to her daughter, is the recipient of her revelations.

Amy makes the daring decision to go to the police and report a rape with Tracy’s assistance.

Will Aaron be held accountable for his actions?

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