Coronation Street spoilers. Stephen kills Michael as he hits on the sinister truth?

Is Michael the next? (Image from ITV)

Although Carla (Alison King) is now the problem that Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) is attempting to solve on Coronation Street by keeping the factory owner drugged with LSD, she is not the only issue that he has to deal with.

As Rufus (Steve Meo) instructed him to rip up the contract because he wanted exclusive rights to the Nippersnapper agreement, he suddenly emerged as he was ready to sign the American contract. Rufus threatened to reveal to everyone that he had been drugging Carla if Stephen didn’t comply with his request.

As Ryan Russell’s character, Michael Bailey, entered the room, the plan to commit murder three was stopped in its tracks. Stephen was going to deal with Rufus in his own unique manner by punching him hard in the stomach.

But is Michael poised to become Stephen’s next victim in his place? Michael checks the journal and can’t help but note that the meeting Stephen states he has to finalise the contract isn’t mentioned, even though Stephen is still attempting to seem as if everything with the American business is OK.

As Stephen states he has terminated the contract, Michael demands to know why and questions why Stephen is talking so many falsehoods. Michael is still optimistic that the Americans would like his new designs and approve of the transaction.

We know how Stephen responds when someone corners him in this manner, so it seems like Michael is coming a little too close to exposing Stephen for the liar and chronic fantasist that he is.

Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost) sought to do just that, and the conflict ended with him getting his head crushed in a skip.

Michael could be entering really risky area.

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