EastEnders spoilers. Emma’s huge secret confirmed as she makes swift getaway

Is there another issue going on? (Image: BBC)

On Monday’s (March 20) episode of EastEnders, Lexi (Isabella Brown) eagerly laid out her plans for making Lola’s Mother’s Day the finest one ever, but her plans were upset when Lola’s mother Emma showed up (Patsy Kensit).

After abandoning her daughter when she was just three years old, Emma has only recently returned to Lola’s life this year. As a result, it was the first Mother’s Day that Lola had ever really had her own mother in her life. She also knows that, tragically, because to her brain tumour, it may be the last.

Lola was happy with Lexi’s ideas, but she was also grateful to have Emma close by. Lexi became quite upset as a result since the mother-and-daughter day she had imagined now included Emma, who constantly complaining about Lexi’s plans in case they were too much for Lola.

Lola made an effort to convey to her daughter the significance of Emma’s presence. It’s my first Mother’s Day with a real mother, she remarked, adding that Emma “may feel a little lonely.” She also informed Lexi. Recent death of her mother.

Emma had revealed to Lola that her mother just passed away in a nursing facility. Emma responded that she was a vocalist when pushed for further details. When Lola and Lexi questioned Emma about her mother later, when they were all back at their house with Jay (Jamie Borthwick), she first looked delighted to speak about her, then she abruptly clammed up and stated she had to go.

When she went, Lola and Jay exchanged perplexed looks.

Her maltreatment by Lola’s father, who had poured boiling water over her, was the reason she fled when Lola was a little kid, and she still bore the scars as a result.

Is Emma keeping a new piece of her history a secret? A connection to her mum in some way?

Patsy Kensit declared her resignation from the programme last month, so we are aware that she will shortly be leaving it. Will there be any further mysteries revealed before Emma departs?

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