EastEnders spoilers. Rocky’s secret wife Jo rips him apart from Kathy in hellish showdown

It’s going to be intriguing. (Images from BBC)

In EastEnders, Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley) will confess to Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) that he is already married, just as Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth), his fiance, chooses a date for their nuptials.

Rocky intends to locate his wife Jo (Vicki Michelle) with the aid of Sonia, Reiss (Jonny Freeman), and Harvey (Ross Boatman), but they quickly run into trouble.

Reiss initially has difficulty locating Jo and spends a lot of time at the café and online, according to actor Jonny Freeman. I believe Reiss may not be very adept at using social media.

When Freddie detects that he is having trouble, Reiss grudgingly agrees to let him assist. Rocky’s predicament shouldn’t be known by more people than necessary, especially someone close to Kathy, according to Reiss.

Everyone on the Square is familiar with one another, but Reiss decides to enlist the help of the younger and more tech-savvy Freddie when he realises he won’t be able to locate Jo alone.

As Jo, Vicki Michelle has been cast. (Image: BBC)

Rocky is urged by Sonia to be honest with Kathy since she thinks there is no way to reach Jo.

Nevertheless, it quickly becomes clear that Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) has tracked Jo down after succeeding where the others failed.

When they find out that he gave her Kathy’s address, their initial relief quickly turns to fear.

Rocky regrettably loses the race to go to Kathy’s residence because of the passing of time.

Jo comes up to No. 45, and Rocky is terrified.

Even worse, just before entering the home, Jo shocks Kathy by revealing who she really is.

‘[Rocky] dislikes having to face the reality,’ actor Brian Conley said.

He realises that’s it when he sees Jo show up.

Rocky is initially absent when Jo shows up at Kathy’s doorway since he is at the auto lot, so he stands there in terror as Jo gets ready to welcome Kathy.

Rocky is aware of Jo’s potential behaviour, and he anticipates that all hell will break out.

Can Kathy be able to forgive Rocky given the huge bombshell that is about to be revealed?

I certainly hope so,” Brian said.

Rocky is smitten with Kathy and will stop at nothing to make her happy. I believe Kathy has come to understand how much he loves her over the last year, and I only hope it continues.

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