EastEnders spoilers. Wedding drama confirmed for Keanu and Sharon as murder clue revealed

That’s one way of expressing your commitment, I suppose. (Image: BBC)

Since his return to EastEnders in the latter part of last year, Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) and Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) have been at odds, and the tension will only intensify in upcoming episodes.

Sharon dismisses Keanu and leaves him feeling dejected as she gets ready for the Boxing Den’s big opening.

Keanu comes up with a strategy after receiving some motivation from ex-lover Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalfe).

‘He begins to acquire a notion of how he might go back with Sharon,’ said actor Danny Walters. In essence, Sam does set off Keanu’s motivation.

‘ Sam can sense that Keanu is a little wounded and unhappy because he feels ignored and discarded by Sharon even if she isn’t aware of what Keanu wants or what he’s attempting to accomplish at the moment.

Might this suggestion be a sign of things to come? (Image: BBC)

According to Danny, Sam is someone Keanu can trust and turn to for counsel, so she truly helps him in this position. “The advise comes from the bond that they now have,” Danny stated.

Mom Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley), who reluctantly discusses the Sharon problem with him, further prods him into action.

Karen doesn’t really give Keanu any guidance or even recommendations since she doesn’t approve of Sharon and Keanu dating. She thinks it will never succeed.

She does come to the conclusion, however, that showing a woman you care about her requires more gestures than words.

From there, Keanu has a brief “lightbulb moment,” which prompts him to make Sharon the subject of a very extreme and audacious remark.

He makes a public profession of love and pops the question to the mother of his kid at the gym’s opening, to the utter horror of the woman.

In typical Sharon form, she eventually storms out, forcing Keanu to chase after her.

He confesses his love to a furious Sharon, thinking that Sharon’s initial outrage was just due to astonishment at his kind gift.

Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace), who had a heart-to-heart conversation with Torn Sharon, counsels her to follow her heart.

After speaking with Sam, Sharon’s confusion over what to do has been clarified.

Knowing what she wants now, she extends an invitation to Keanu.

Will she accept his offer, or is their relationship doomed from the start?

In a recent flash-forward episode, Sharon was seen crouching over the corpse of a Walford man while wearing a blood-stained wedding gown.

Might this suggestion provide a key to identifying the body?

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