Emmerdale spoilers. Alex dies in hit and run horror – as Charles leaves him?

Really, could he? (Images from ITV)

In Emmerdale, may Charles’ (Kevin Mathurin) hatred of Alex (Liam Boyle) push him down a perilous road to death?

Even Charles, a devout man of God who stands up for all the oppressed, has his limitations. Might the knowledge of Alex’s true nature drive him to murder?

Alex has been a master at concealing his actual motives for the community, making everyone think he has turned a new leaf and is desiring to atone for his transgressions. I guess not everyone. Dawn, played by Olivia Bromley, is realistic. Charles is aware of how much of a reprobate he is deep down.

As his true girlfriend Clare interrupts him, Alex is just beginning to feel at ease in this new existence. He is there to complete a task, therefore he had better get it done or else. As planned, Alex enters the surgery to steal the medications, but he is astonished to discover the cabinet is empty. It’s time to go to plan B.

Naomi (Karene Peters) and clueless Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) push him to stand up for his two children, and soon Charles joins them. This is the perfect cover for Alex as he prepares to loot the pharmacy delivery vehicle while posing as Liam to get the crucial information he needs to complete his scheme.

Charles, who is now on Team Alex, finds out about Kim (Claire King) and Will’s (Dean Andrews) kidnapping of Alex and goes to face them.

Kim and the others are increasingly anxious as the kidnapping’s specifics become public just as the trial’s scheduled date approaches. The judge says Alex needs to appear in court if he wants to have a chance of winning custody, and Naomi attempts to persuade him to do so. At a crossroads where one path goes to the court and the other to the pharmacy truck, Alex is spotted seated.

Returning in the community, Charles makes the startling discovery of Alex’s drug-filled automobile. The evil boy tries to flee, but Charles is prepared to fight. He flees after him and attacks him, damaging his vehicle in the process. When Alex blatantly reveals the truth about his big plan, things get violent as Charles is devastated to learn that he was correct the whole time and Naomi was just a front. Alex breaks his phone and flees as Charles attempts to contact the police.

After sharing his findings with Naomi, Charles is astounded by her response. He takes his keys and leaves for a drive to get some fresh air. With his plan having failed, Alex is talking to Clare on the phone while standing by the side of the road. He carelessly walks into the road as he hangs up the phone, and a vehicle ploughs into him.

Alex is laying severely wounded in the middle of the road as a person can be seen approaching him before scurrying away. Charles, has he murdered Alex?

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