Emmerdale spoilers. Paddy stuns Marlon with heartfelt birthday gift as they reunite after fight

And all of a sudden, everything seems right. (Images from ITV)

Even though Marlon (Mark Charnock) sorely needed his closest buddy Paddy (Dominic Brunt), the vet couldn’t handle what had happened to his pal and tried everything to avoid coming to see him in the hospital a year ago in Emmerdale.

Because of their close connection, Paddy quickly realised he had to stand up and support Marlon. After a heartfelt reunion, Paddy supported his buddy through every stage of his rehabilitation.

Since then, a lot has transpired, and Marlon has been making every effort to provide Paddy with the same level of care and support that his buddy had previously provided to him in the wake of his mental health crisis that led to his decision to commit suicide.

Open-hearted Marlon doesn’t hold back when he loves someone, so he’s been going a little beyond. He even spent the whole night the night following Paddy’s failed suicide attempt keeping an eye on the Woolpack’s front entrance out of fear that Paddy’s mental state might worsen once again.

The vet has become frustrated with Marlon’s inability to leave him alone and give him space, despite the fact that some of his ideas, like forming a “man club” among the village’s males, have benefited Paddy. Things reached a boiling point when he said he wouldn’t attend Marlon’s birthday party, which was also meant to mark his progress since the stroke.

On the soap opera’s episode airing on Monday, March 20, Marlon expressed despair about the state of affairs with Paddy and informed Rhona (Zoe Henry) that he no longer want a birthday celebration. In the meanwhile, Mandy (Lisa Riley) confronted Paddy about how he had treated Marlon, and Paddy said he had given Marlon two tickets to a gaming convention as a gift.

Finally he walked over and gave Marlon’s the tickets. The generosity of the present made Marlon happy since he and Paddy have always enjoyed playing video games together.

Paddy apologised to Marlon for the way he had previously spoken to him, and Marlon expressed regret for being too protective. Paddy acknowledged that Marlon was someone he relied on to bring him up when he was low and stated he wasn’t sure what he’d do without him.

And with a big embrace, two guys who still have a lot of obstacles to conquer realised they are stronger together, rekindling one of the most endearing friendships in soap world.

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