Emmerdale spoilers. Shock twist for Gabby as she discovers she’s pregnant?

This can make things challenging. (Image from ITV)

Although Gabby’s (Rosie Bentham) erotic misadventures with the hired assistance in Emmerdale have surely been entertaining—faking migraines for a brief play on the couch, sending Kim out to change diapers for 10 minutes of genital exchange—these rule violations have real repercussions.

They have been seductive opportunists throughout their cheeky, illegal relationship, which implies they may not have taken the time to pause and tie things up.

As their relationship intensifies, Nicky and Gabby plan to spend the day together in secret, but things get a little riskier when Dawn (Olivia Bromley) comes dangerously close to discovering them.

The timing is awful since Kim hasn’t decided whether or not to renew Nicky’s contract, which is up for renewal. They’re playing with fire and might put themselves at danger in many ways.

Later, after discussing Nicky’s future with Dawn and Gabby, Kim takes the crucial choice to keep him on. In response, Nicky and Gabby slip upstairs and begin the conversation.

They are encouraged to believe that because his employment is now permanent, they may indulge in all of their nooky desires. Nevertheless, this time when they get hot and heavy, Gabby is suddenly overcome with nausea.

They consider that to be quite polite. She is well taken care of by Nicky, and she is thrilled that things are finally taking a serious turn.

But if there was ever a situation that screamed “UNWANTED PREGNANCY,” this is it, and Gabby could be in excruciating agony when Kim learns who the father is.

How will Kim respond if Gabby comes clean?

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