Coronation Street star.Harriet Bibby confirms Summer believes Amy over rape: ‘She’d never lie’

Summer is appalled to discover what transpired. (Image from ITV)

In forthcoming Coronation Street episodes, Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) will learn something distressing when Aaron Sandford (James Craven) admits to sleeping with Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney).

Amy approaches Summer, who is devastated, and she tells her what really occurred that evening.

When Amy says that she was unconscious and unable to give permission to sex, which means that Aaron raped her, Summer is startled.

Initially, Aaron tells her that he and Amy had a sexual encounter. According to actress Harriet Bibby, “She obviously breaks up with Aaron and urges him to go because she is devastated.

Afterwards she visits Amy, who is furious.

Harriet explained that while first she finds it difficult to accept it, she finally trusts her best friend when Summer is split between her lover and her.

Amy’s actions, in the opinion of Summer, were odd (Picture: ITV)

Since Summer and Amy have been friends for so long, she is enraged. Summer believes Amy has deceived her based on the account Aaron has given her.

Summer, however, believes Amy when she really does turn around and deny having given her permission. Following that, she is completely unwilling to challenge Aaron.

The actress continued by describing Summer’s internal conflict over whether or not to be loyal to both Aaron and Amy until finally realising Amy is speaking the truth.

“I feel that the moment Amy says it, your first reaction is to want to deny it, to try to deny that someone you love is capable of doing that.

She immediately says, “You’re lying; he wouldn’t do that,” but I don’t think Summer buys it since she is aware of her best friend’s character and is aware that she would never tell a falsehood.

Summer immediately turns and says, “I believe you, I’m truly sorry,” as Amy replies, “Look, believe me or don’t believe me, it’s your option.” She wants to argue his case but, in my opinion, deep down she knows.

She wants it to be a falsehood more so since the reality is so terrible.

Harriet continued by saying that it was crucial for Summer to respond in this manner.

“She never questions Amy and I think that’s really important because you’d like to think that if you were telling your friend that happened to you or if your friend was telling you that something like this had happened to them, you would want them to turn around and be with you,” she says of the incident with Amy.

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