Coronation Street star.Todd Boyce confirms Stephen kills another character in just weeks

Stephen will once again commit murder. (Image from ITV)

Stephen Reid’s future has been addressed by Coronation Street actor Todd Boyce, who said that he currently has no intentions to leave the show.

The actor made a reappearance last year in the role of Stephen, who afterwards went on a homicidal spree and killed two locals in an effort to conceal his crimes.

The first victim of his reign of terror was Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost), who was pushed from a balcony at Underworld by Stephen, who then dumped his corpse in a trash can.

Then Leo’s father Teddy appeared, whom he hole-punched before disposing of his corpse in the river.

The show’s viewers have responded well to the storyline, and it is expected to continue with Stephen, who came dangerously close to murdering another person this week.

According to The Mirror, Stephen will commit murder once again in the coming weeks. Actor Todd has reportedly discussed the idea of his character taking at least ‘four or five’ lives in an effort to surpass all other killers on the street.

“And after that, I believe there may be more,” he said to the media.

He has developed a taste for it and, in my opinion, believes that if he is caught for three, he may as well be caught for four or five.

It would be fantastic to become known as the series’ most prolific serial murderer. Such a reputation to have.

Given the number of murderers that have roamed the streets throughout the years, it would undoubtedly be a success!

Might Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell), who has been spending a lot of time with Stephen lately, turn out to be the serial killer’s next victim? Nobody knows, but Weatherfield’s citizens had best be cautious!

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