EastEnders spoilers. Emma reveals another abuse secret to Lola as she returns

Emma came back. (Image: BBC)

When Lola Pearce (Danielle Haroldmother )’s Emma (Patsy Kensit) was a character on EastEnders, she told her daughter about her grandmother, a lady who had “legs up to here” and had been a singer.

Lola had a legitimate curiosity in learning more about her grandmother, who, according to Emma, had passed away at a Covid nursing facility. Yet when pressed, Emma remained silent and swiftly departed, leaving Lola to worry whether her mother had rejected her once again.

After these events, Jay (Jamie Borthwick) was determined to stop Emma from causing Lola any more sorrow during his visit to Albert Square on Tuesday, March 21. This was because Lola was already dealing with an incurable brain tumour and the emotional toll of receiving a fatal prognosis.

He went to meet Emma and told her bluntly that she should entirely avoid the area if she didn’t want to remain around for Lola. Emma said that she was concerned that Lola wouldn’t think highly of her. I’ve never stayed around for anything, she said.

She visited Lola and said that she wanted to be completely open with her. She went on to say that Emma had been neglected as a kid and subjected to both mental and physical violence by her own mother, Edie, who had been an alcoholic. At the age of 16, Emma moved out of the house as soon as she could. Emma refused to return, and Edie had passed away “far before anybody had even heard of Covid,” despite her mother pleading for her to come see her before she passed away.

Emma had kept this a secret from Lola because she thought that “you can’t run away from your DNA.” She said that it wasn’t her fault that Edie behaved so horribly against Emma when she was a youngster. She had never known love. Emma, on the other hand, had abandoned Lola and had been a horrible mother to her.

But, after getting to know her daughter, Emma developed a deep respect for Lola and the kind of mother she is to Lexi (Isabella Brown).

You’ve outperformed our genes, she said. “You’re a wonderful mother, and I’m very proud of you,” I said.

Emma concluded by expressing her desire to remain and serve as Lola’s mother and Lexi’s grandmother, if Lola would have her. Lola seems ecstatic that her mother had returned for good.

Is Emma, at last, being truthful?

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