EastEnders spoilers. Traumatised Whitney kicks Zack out after he opens up about HIV

They continue to disagree (Picture: ITV)

Zack Hudson (James Farrar) of EastEnders learned he was HIV positive earlier this year, which was awful. He shared needles and used steroids during a point in his life when the illness first appeared.

Zack began therapy after Brett, the guy he had shared the needles with, quickly reassured him that individuals with HIV may live long and healthy lives. Nevertheless, he couldn’t bring himself to inform Whitney (Shona McGarty), who was expecting his child, about his diagnosis.

Zack was glad that Whitney had had a standard HIV test due of her pregnancy, and that the results were negative. But of course, it didn’t take long for them to get the heartbreaking news that their child had a genetic abnormality that would make it hard for her to live long after delivery. As a result, they decided to abort the pregnancy to save the child from suffering.

They recently had a moment of togetherness after planting a tree in their daughter’s memory, but Zack resisted Whitney’s kiss due to his HIV status. Lately, they have been mourning the death of baby Peach.

On the episode that aired on Tuesday, March 21, Zack had some good news when he learned during a consultation with an HIV expert that his medication is working and that his viral load is decreasing. Sam (Kim Medcalf), who had accompanied Zack to provide support, questioned the doctor on his behalf about the dangers of having sex and if Zack could still be a father.

Each possible partner may take PrEP, a drug that lessens the likelihood that the virus would be transmitted, the doctor informed Zack. He advised Zack to postpone trying for a kid until his viral load is undetectable, but said it was very conceivable.

Zack went to go to Whitney after hearing this news, braced. She had spent the day feeling humiliated that he had turned down her kiss, but she was certain that she loved him and wanted to be with him.

Soon after, Zack said that he had the same sentiments for her and that he wanted to be a father as well as to be with her. Whitney had a brief moment of true joy, but Zack realised he had to inform her about his HIV.

While her response was not what he had hoped for, it was maybe precisely what he anticipated. She was surprised that he had kept his HIV status a secret from her for so long and naturally wanted to know whether it had anything to do with Peach’s health. Zack assured her that it didn’t, and he also clarified how he was infected for her.

Despite his want to notify her, he said that Peach’s current situation prevented him from doing so. Whitney became enraged about it.

She pleaded, “Don’t use Peach as an excuse.” “You fled like the coward you are,” was said.

She then instructed him to leave. You’re not good enough, she said.

After she gives them some thinking, will she have a change of heart? Or will their love for one another not be enough for Zack and Whitney?

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