Emmerdale spoiler video reveals Belle’s huge drugs twist

In a recent Emmerdale spoiler video, Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper), much to Naomi Walters’ (Karene Peter) shock, makes a significant drug admission.

As Naomi is working a shift at the Woolpack, Belle draws her aside in the video to break some terrible news.

When he informed Naomi that he was heading to an interview, she says she saw Alex Moore (Liam Boyle) with another lady.

Belle was suspicious since he was giving her a large amount of cash, which only made the situation worse.

She was supported in her suspicion that he had been purchasing narcotics by Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter), another witness.

Will Naomi keep standing up for Alex? (Image from ITV)

Naomi said that Belle should have apologised to Alex instead of her.

Is this the couple’s last act?

From their first meeting, Naomi had been warned by others not to date Alex because of his drug use and history of extorting Dawn (Olivia Bromley), but she refused to listen to any complaints.

Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin), who was determined to get him out of the picture, set him up with a job in Sandbach, but things went wrong when Naomi discovered out.

Charles eventually agreed with Alex’s “I’ve changed” speech and supported the notion of his staying to be with Naomi.

When he finds out what Belle has witnessed, will he ultimately regret his choice?

Or can Alex once again talk himself out of trouble?

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