Emmerdale spoilers. Alex’s plan confirmed ahead of deadly hit and run

Alex’s deceit deceives Naomi (Picture: ITV)

When Alex (Liam Boyle) arrived to Emmerdale, it has seemed as if he has been concealing something, and recent scenes have shown that to be the case.

She was thrilled that he was getting back on his feet after informing girlfriend Naomi (Karene Peter) that he had landed a job interview at a restaurant in town.

When Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) stated that she had seen him with another lady, indulging in what seemed to be a drug transaction, things didn’t seem to fit up.

Furious When Naomi questioned him about it, he was prepared with a response.

He introduced her to Clare and told her that he had been giving her financial support so she could take care of her son, Max, when his father cut them out of his life.

Alex informed Naomi that he was assisting Clare with Max’s care (Picture: ITV)

Naomi was dubious at first but eventually fell in to Alex’s charms after hearing Clare support his claims.

They enjoyed a kiss on the outskirts of the settlement, but it was subsequently discovered that they were both complicit in the fabrication.

The details of their grand scheme were then made clear, and we discovered the underlying rationale for Alex’s need to maintain Naomi’s support.

They discovered that they owed money for drugs, and Alex planned to steal the clinic to cover their due.

He had been able to overhear Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) while dating Naomi and learned that they were anticipating a drug delivery.

Alex reassured Clare that all would be worthwhile when their paycheck arrived as she was feeling envious of his fictitious connection with Naomi.

Nevertheless, it seems that Alex’s plans won’t come to fruition since Charles (Kevin Mathurin) assaults him after discovering cocaine in his vehicle.

Later, with Alex distraught about the failure of the plan, Charles goes for a drive to decompress.

Has Charles retaliated while Alex is being mowed down?

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