Emmerdale spoilers. Mack and Chloe have a charged moment as she reveals baby gender

Well, hold on (Picture: ITV)

The return of Chloe (Jessie Elland) from Scotland to Emmerdale agitated Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb). While he is overjoyed to be marrying Charity (Emma Atkins), he is aware that a future with her would probably exclude them from having children as Charity has all but ruled this out after losing the child she was carrying last year.

However, he is aware that his future wife will be horrified to learn that Chloe is carrying his kid, who was conceived just after Charity lost her own child.

As Moira (Natalie J. Robb) observes that her brother behaves oddly around Chloe, she deduces that Chloe’s pregnancy is causing him to consider the children he may never have. She makes the decision to sit him down and have a real conversation about if this is a price he is ready to pay for a future with Charity.

As Nate (Jurell Carter) expresses his belief that Mack feels more for Chloe and the baby than he is letting on, the dilemma looms even bigger in Mack’s thoughts.

Things become even more real for Mackenzie when he runs into Chloe and learns that she is having a son. As the baby begins to kick, Chloe lets Mack feel it, and he is thrilled to feel his kid moving. As they share the wonderful experience, there is a heated moment between them.

After that, Mack finds it difficult to control his emotions. He and Chloe debate over how much of the child’s life he will be engaged in.

As everything is going on, Charity has to deal with Noah (Jack Downham), who is suffering after a heated confrontation with Amelia (Daisy Campbell), endangering his relationships with both of them as well as with the infant Esther. Mack is aware that he ought to be helping Charity, but his mind is on his little kid.

In this situation, something undoubtedly has to give. Will Mackenzie make a decision?

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