Soap & Spoilers EastEnders Adam Woodyatt outside of EastEnders as he ‘doesn’t miss it’

Adam Woodyatt outside of EastEnders as he ‘doesn’t miss it’

Adam is content living outside of the Square. (Image: BBC)

Actor Adam Woodyatt of EastEnders has said that he “doesn’t miss” the demanding shooting schedule of the programme since he prefers life outside of Albert Square.

The actor, who gained notoriety as Ian Beale, departed the BBC One soap two years ago after almost four decades on the show. Since then, he has gone on to feature in a number of very successful theatre performances, which he has truly loved.

Adam, 54, who spoke about his time on EastEnders, said that because of the ‘intensive’ shooting schedule and the frequency of new episodes, working on a running drama doesn’t give you much time to do other things.

He told the Daily Star, “It is really intensive, it’s hard labour, it’s long hours.” That leaves you with little free time to accomplish anything else. Planning to do anything else is impossible.

Nonetheless, I’ve just started living outdoors and I’m enjoying it.

Adam continued by saying he “doesn’t know” where life would lead him next and that he may even wind up doing “a lot of stage stuff” or even movies.

He responded, “I’ll see what happens.” “Right now, I’m quite pleased.”

Even if he never returns to the programme, the soap actor acknowledged that one “never really leaves EastEnders” and that he will always be remembered as Ian Beale.

Although departing nearly two years ago, Adam played Ian in sequences for Dot Cotton’s funeral in December of last year; fans were unaware of the scenes until they aired.

Many were certain that the character, who was accidentally referenced on-screen earlier this week, had reconnected with Jane after his on-screen departure after receiving a covert call from someone close to him.

Chris Clenshaw, the show’s producer, emphasised that they knew who the caller was even though he wouldn’t say who it was, implying that Ian could have more tales to tell in the future.

BBC One broadcasts EastEnders from Monday through Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

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