Coronation Street actress has new job after being sacked from soap

In 2018, Beth was a character on Coronation Street (Picture: ITV)

Beth Morgan, a glamour model, just landed a new TV gig despite being fired from Coronation Street in 2018 for “leaking tales.”

In a brand-new ITV documentary, she will be featured alongside former Love Island contestant Olivia Atwood and talk about her professional trajectory.

After the popularity of her last series Becoming Filthy Rich, which profiled individuals who make a career by selling sex online, Olivia’s new programme builds on that success.

Beth had an uncredited appearance on Coronation Street in 2018.

Her persona was a part of a plot that saw Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) start working at a lap dancing club.

She released pictures of herself in costume on social media before the sequences had aired on TV, which resulted in the end of her time on the programme.

She admitted to the Daily Star at the time of the event, “I snapped a photo of myself in the stripper dress in the restrooms. ‘ Someone gave it to the media alleging that I had revealed a plot.

My agency called me and was really furious with me. I received nothing but b* from them.

I conducted my investigation, and three weeks prior to posting that image, Lucy Fallon had discussed the lap-dancing scene with the Manchester Evening News.

It was in November, and Corrie hasn’t extended an invitation to me since. While they claim to still have me, it is clear that they do.

While on vacation in Spain, she apparently got into a phone fight with her agency, but she then went to the sunbeds to share a photo with the caption: “I chose this above any work!”

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