Corrie airs one of its saddest ever deaths and we are broken

Evelyn’s damaged heart is hurt. (Image from ITV)

Recent events on Coronation Street, which included one of the most heartbreaking deaths ever, completely tore our hearts out.

When Evelyn Plummer’s (Maureen Lipman) cherished dog Cerberus stopped eating, she became worried and told Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) that he had been sick overnight.

Worried While Evelyn was hesitant to do so because of the costs involved, Tyrone urged that she take him to the veterinarian.

She was frightened when the adored pet didn’t rise up and welcome her when she got home with chicken and rice for him as he usually did.

The ten-year-old dog was subsequently picked up by Tyrone and Evelyn, who immediately brought him to the veterinarian in an effort to find out more.

Evelyn charged Roy with killing Cerberus (Picture: ITV)

As the veterinarian examined him, he expressed worry that he could have eaten something he shouldn’t have even though Evelyn was certain he hadn’t.

Evelyn said Cerberus farewell and left to return home after the veterinarian determined that he needed to keep Cerberus in to do some tests.

She told Roy Cropper (David Neilson), who was still on the Cobbles, about Cerberus’ condition as he was making a confession of his own.

In the midst of a tense game of online chess, the café owner stated that he had dropped an Eccles cake on the floor, which he believed Cerberus may have devoured.

Roy had clearly put her four-legged buddy in peril, and Evelyn was naturally outraged. She vowed to never forgive Roy if anything awful happened.

Evelyn and Tyrone arrived to the clinic after receiving a call from the veterinarian, only to hear some devastating news.

The veterinarian said that since Cerberus’s kidneys were deteriorating, euthanizing him would be the nicest course of action.

Crushed Evelyn initially objects, but she eventually agrees after discovering that Cerberus’ quality of life would suffer if they attempted any other treatments.

There were numerous tears shed by both characters and spectators as Cerberus exhaled his last breath.

Broken Evelyn went home without her animal friend, but Roy soon paid her a visit and begged for forgiveness for his role in the death of Cerberus.

Furious Evelyn said that their relationship ended when her dog passed away and accused Roy of murdering him.

Can Evelyn ever be able to forgive Roy, or has she already lost her two greatest friends?

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