EastEnders spoilers. Stacey sells pictures of herself online as cash crisis deepens

Shiv demands Stacey give him more money (Picture: BBC)

The cost of living problem has caused Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) of EastEnders to truly struggle, and resorting to a loan shark has only made things worse.

The money that Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) made by selling images of his feet proved to be the Slater matriarch’s only source of financial security as she struggled to cobble together enough money to pay off shady Lenders.

Stacey was disgusted by his business plan, but she agreed to let him submit one more batch of pictures if it meant they could settle their bills.

When Stacey delivered the cash to loan shark Shiv, she wasn’t prepared for his demand that she pay him £200 more by the next day.

Stacey, who was horrified, maintained that she had run out of money, but Shiv yelled at her to “find it.”

Freddie’s business plan gave Stacey some business ideas. (Image: BBC)

“I believe she is afraid of him.” revealed actor Lacey Turner. He is a really unsettling dude. He’s a frightening thug, not just a regular thug.

Stacey called Freddie in a desperate attempt to persuade him to keep selling his images, but he refused, saying he was too busy.

She glanced down at her own feet at that point and had an idea.

Stacey had her foot up on the table and her camera focused at her toes when Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) entered not long after.

Stacey swiftly made it known that Freddie was occupied and that she had to pay Shiv.

Eve, who thought the entire thing was amusing, pleaded with her not to tell anybody.

It has been made known that Stacey will soon go even farther by creating an Only Fans account where she would sell pictures of herself in an effort to pay off her obligations.

Stacey is now truly suffering and will do anything she can for her family, a source told Metro.co.uk.

Would Shiv give up after getting all he can from her or will he keep pressing?

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