EastEnders spoilers. Zack and Whitney reunite after emotional HIV news

Whitney and Zack talk about Zack’s diagnosis (Picture: BBC)

When Zack Hudson (James Farrar) disclosed on EastEnders that he had been diagnosed with HIV, Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) was struck speechless.

She expelled him after becoming enraged with him for lying to her, shattering their relationship.

Whitney, on the other hand, visited Zack and apologised after doing some research and spoke with Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf).

Zack escorted her to the Rovers where they had an open chat about the future because of concern that sister Sharon could listen.

Zack brought up about his visit to the doctor, who had informed him that his viral load had decreased, while Whitney disclosed that she had done some research.

HIV was discovered in Zack (Picture: BBC)

He went on to say that he had been advised that it would become undetectable in five months, at which point he would be permitted to engage in unprotected intercourse and attempt for a second child.

The lives of Whitney and Zack suddenly came crashing down when they learned that Peach, their baby, had been diagnosed with Edwards’ syndrome and was unlikely to survive through delivery.

After receiving the prognosis, Whitney took the exceedingly painful choice to end her pregnancy, and shortly after, she gave birth to baby Peach.

Whitney brought up Zack’s steroid usage, which is what caused him to become HIV after sharing needles, since he was now talking openly about his condition.

Since Brett “felt little on the inside, therefore it felt nice to feel huge on the outside,” Zack explained to her everything that had occurred to him in the past.

He continued by saying that he had thought Peach’s misfortune was his fair desserts, but Whitney reassured him that he had been mistaken.

She then inquired whether he’d meant what he said the night before, when he disclosed that he loved her and wanted to be with her, and Zack told her that he meant ‘every word’.

Whitney requested Zack to take her home so they could snuggle on the couch after they had patched up their relationship.

Are the couple’s chances of happiness finally improving?

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