Emmerdale spoilers. Terror for Amelia as baby Esther is rushed to hospital

Some issue exists (Image from ITV)

In forthcoming Emmerdale episodes, when baby Esther, who is only five months old, becomes unwell and has to be taken to the hospital, Amelia (Daisy Campbell) is very concerned.

When Samson (Sam Hall) learns that his daughter is ill, he grudgingly takes care of her. Samson just lately began exhibiting an interest in Esther, as shown by the fact that he learned Noah (Jack Downham) had a trust money that he intended to utilise to assist Esther.

Samson tricked Noah into giving him money to stay away from Amelia and her baby since it is obvious that he has no genuine interest in the kid, and Samson knew that Noah had some money behind him.

But, Samson and Sarah (Katie Hill) get alarmed and dial 911 when they learn that Esther has a fever. Dan (Liam Fox), the baby’s grandfather, is quite complimentary of Samson’s fast thinking.

Fortunately, Esther recovers, but Noah is annoyed by how everyone is praising Samson for’saving’ her since he is aware that Samson is just drawn to Esther for the money.

It doesn’t take long until Samson shows up to see how his daughter is doing, but his actual goal is to pressure Noah for more money so he won’t interfere with her life.

Will Noah continue to reimburse Samson? And if Amelia learns what has been happening, how will she feel?

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