Who is Patrick’s ex.Yolande in EastEnders and is she returning?

This week, Patrick starts to reflect on his relationship with Yolande (Picture: BBC)

This week on EastEnders, Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker) talks about a past love before talking about his ex-wife Yolande (Angela Wynter).

In next scenes, Patrick will wager on a horse named “Little Prayer” in honour of Yolande’s 70th birthday since it was the song that was performed at their wedding.

Patrick is overjoyed when his horse arrives and decides to treat the family to a celebratory supper at Walford East.

After warning Denzel Danes (Jaden Ladega) not to take love for granted, the Square legend interprets this win as a message and makes a significant choice regarding his future.

Why, he declares that he will be seeing Yolande and that he wants to win her back!

We’re not sure whether Patrick will follow through on this notion of his, but we’d sure like to see Yolande back in the picture.

But are you having trouble remembering all there is to know about Yolande? You need not worry if the answer to that question is “yes,” since we will be looking back at the icon herself. If you need a refresher, you have come to the correct spot.

Who is EastEnders’ Yolande, Patrick’s ex-girlfriend?
Angela Wynter, who portrayed Yolande in EastEnders from 2003 to 2008 and made many unexpected cameos in 2017, was Patrick’s ex-wife.

The well-known figure originally appeared in Walford following a vacation romance in Trinidad with Patrick. She quickly settled in the Square, and Patrick later confessed his love to her in an effort to convince her to remain.

His professions of love were enough to convince Yolande to remain there and become a fan favourite when she wed Patrick in 2004.

The couple thereafter opened a variety of companies in the neighbourhood, including the bed and breakfast and a car dealership in addition to taking over the Minute Mart, after which they fostered a child called Katie.

Yolande staged a surprise comeback in 2017 (Picture: BBC)

Nevertheless, as soon as Patrick started an affair with Pat Evans (Pam St. Clements), a foe of Yolande at the time, there was trouble in paradise.

Pat and Patrick were discovered to be having an affair by Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), who then told Yolande, causing chaos to erupt in the Vic.

Yolande chose to give Patrick another chance despite her disappointment at the deception, but they were finally broken up years later when Yolande was given the opportunity to work at Minute Mart Headquarters in Birmingham.

Yolande left on her own in 2008, with Patrick staying behind. He had originally intended to accompany her, but he struggled with the idea of abandoning the Square.

Yolande made an unexpected reappearance in 2017, attending a disciplinary hearing about Denise Fox’s (Diane Parish) employment in an effort to keep Denise in her post after a nine-year hiatus.

While in the Square, she decided to visit the Vic, where she had a heart-to-heart with Patrick and pleaded with him to avoid waiting so long between visits.

Yolande’s name reappearing in Patrick’s thoughts indicates that there will be plenty of opportunities for fans to see her again, but there is yet no official word on a return.

The most important issue is whether Patrick will be successful in his objective since he is committed to getting her back.

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