Coronation Street spoilers. Peter delivers bad news to Carla about Stephen ahead of his next kill

Peter told Carla everything (Picture: ITV)

On tonight’s (March 22) Coronation Street episode, Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) had to break some terrible news to Carla (Alison King) as Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) settled into his new position at the factory.

Smug After being elected by the machinists to lead the Underworld, Stephen succeeded Carla as boss. Carla had been given LSD to make her appear unfit for the position.

After hearing about her struggle with psychosis in 2019, after the fall of the factory roof, he came up with this approach.

Nevertheless, his plan hasn’t worked out nearly as well as he would have wanted, since he is now being blackmailed by Rufus, who provided him the LSD in the first place.

Due to Carla’s actions, Rufus immediately realised what Stephen was up to and requested that he end the US transaction immediately before everyone learned the truth.

Stephen has been threatened by Rufus (Picture: ITV)

When Peter was entrusted with informing Carla everything that had happened while she was away, Stephen was making excuses to Sarah (Tina O’Brien) about why the American business hadn’t worked out.

Peter spilled the beans about the machinists treachery as she said she intended to ultimately return to the workplace and offer Stephen and Sarah some additional responsibility.

Carla, on the other hand, seemed to take it fairly well, saying that given what had transpired, she couldn’t hold it against them.

Rufus is the last person standing between Stephen and all he’s ever wanted now that Carla has temporarily been restrained.

It was just stated that Stephen would murder again, so may Rufus be next on his list?

Leo and Teddy Thompkins both lost their lives to him already when they confronted him over a variety of misdeeds.

However, actor Todd Boyce has revealed that Stephen may be set to kill ‘four or five’ people, which leaves us wondering if he may take his plans for Carla a step further…

‘He has a taste for it now and I think he figures that if he gets caught for three, he might as well get caught for four or five.’ The actor revealed.

How much is Stephen willing to risk?

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