EastEnders spoilers. Patrick leaves Walford to find love with Yolande

A successful horse race inspired Patrick to follow his heart (Picture: BBC)

Recent EastEnders episodes have made it clear that Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker) is still madly in love with his ex-girlfriend Yolande and that he would stop at nothing to get her back.

When we found out that Patrick had been wearing a picture of his ex-wife in his hat and smiling every time he took it out to look at it, our hearts melted.

After falling in love while on vacation in Trinidad, Yolande and Patrick were married in 2004.

Regrettably, the two fell out after Yolande left Albert Square in 2008; Patrick chose to remain after battling with the thought of leaving.

Yet when Yolande’s 70th birthday drew near, Patrick ultimately decided in recent episodes to go against his better judgement and win back his beloved.

After marking the day on his calendar, Patrick got ready to wager on the horses and was immediately pulled to a horse by the name of “Littleprayerforyou.”

Naturally, the horse was given the name of the well-known Aretha Franklin song “I Say a Little Prayer.”

Longtime EastEnders viewers will be aware of how significant the song is to Patrick since he planned for a choir to perform it during his wedding to Yolande because he knew it was her favourite.

Wow, what a sign!

When the horse eventually finished first and gave Patrick a large payout, he invited the family around for dinner at Walford East and dropped a bomb.

He cautioned Denzel Danes (Jaden Ladega) not to take love for granted before admitting that he intended to do what his heart told him to do.

He said to the family that he had been pondering after pretending to be Vi’s husband in front of the media in order to disseminate Denzel’s falsehoods.

He admitted that Yolande was “the one that got away,” and he made plans to go after her that night.

Will it be easy sailing for Patrick as he departs to reconnect with the lady of his dreams, or will he return broken-hearted?

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