EastEnders star.Max Bowden ‘buzzing’ to share his ‘two loves’ in new Ben story

Ben will be the focus of a future plot. (Image: Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron / BBC)

In a future plot, EastEnders actor Max Bowden expressed his excitement over the possibility of merging his “two loves.”

The actor who portrays Ben Mitchell said how excited he is that Walford now has a “real boxing gym” once again as a result of Sharon Watts’ decision to partner with Phil.

The gym, which will now go by the name Boxing Den, will open the following week, with a boxing bout scheduled for a special launch day.

Ben chooses to participate in the competition after learning that one of the participants is unwell in an effort to please his dad Phil, who is there and observing.

But things don’t quite work out the way he had hoped.

Max posted a picture of the impending scenes and said, “Buzzing that we have a genuine boxing gym back in Albert Square.”

Enjoyed filming the shows for the next week with my brother, @chrisevangelou. Having my two passions—acting and boxing—combined is wonderful!

See Ben bite off more than he can chew by tuning in.

The aforementioned episode will run on Monday, March 27, and images from following appearances reveal that Ben suffers significant injuries as a consequence of his in-ring debut.

During the aforementioned week, Sharon will have a lot on her mind—not only because her brand-new gym opens, but also because Keanu Taylor decides to propose!

Will she, however, accept?

BBC One broadcasts EastEnders from Monday through Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

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