Emmerdale spoilers. Cheating Chas left alone as Paddy and Bear move out

Is guilt beginning to set in? (Image from ITV)

On Thursday’s (March 23) episode of Emmerdale, reality truly began to sink in for Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter), when Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) and Bear (Joshua Richards) moved out and into Liam Cavanagh’s (Jonny McPherson) home.

After months of sadness and loneliness, Paddy attempted suicide before making the choice.

While Paddy had been having a hard time for a while, the revelation of Chas’ affair set off a series of tragic events.

Paddy is now recovering. One of the things he just realised was altering his surroundings in order to help him recover. The process is long, and he knows it won’t be simple.

Paddy therefore decided that he needed to leave the bar.

This required looking for a residence that was reasonably priced, accessible to the hamlet, and spacious enough for Eve (Bella James) to stay over.

Bear and Paddy are now living with Liam (Picture: ITV)

Paddy first considered a location further from the Dales, which concerned him and Marlon (Mark Charnock), who detested the idea of his closest friend not being there all the time.

Thankfully, Paddy was saved by Liam, who invited Paddy to live with him.

However, Liam was unaware that Paddy’s father would also be moving in.


Paddy had to sit down and inform Eve where he was moving while simultaneously gathering up his last few possessions.

Fortunately, the little girl accepted her father’s decision, but Chas couldn’t say the same.

Paddy settled in at Liam’s as they said their goodbyes and resolved to make their new arrangement work; all Chas could do was notice how quiet her house had become.

Reality shined over Chas after a drunk Cain (Jeff Hordley) had departed.

Everything had altered, and she was solely to blame.

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