Coronation Street spoiler..videos reveal vile wedding day attack, crime reported to the police and betrayal

Amy confesses her rape to the authorities, Daisy is assaulted on her wedding day, and Beth experiments with fire (Picture: ITV)

The inhabitants of the named residence are in for a very emotional week on Coronation Street, as a potentially life-altering assault is on the horizon.

When Daisy Midgeley gets ready to marry Daniel Osbourne, her big day finally comes. But, trouble is on the way as stalker Justin plans to attack Daisy with acid.

After opening up to her mother Tracy, who has been by her side the whole time, Amy Barlow chooses to report her rape experience to the police.

Meanwhile, Beth Tinker risks being burned when she rekindles her romance with Marco.

To keep you entertained until our next trip to the cobbles, here are three brief video that provide a sneak peek at everything mentioned above.

As usual, this week’s happenings have ramifications that extend into the next week. With so many unresolved questions, here are some fresh spoiler clips.

27th March Monday

On the morning of the wedding, Daisy and Ryan enjoy a tender moment in the Rovers’ backroom before going into the bar to get ready to go.

The situation, however, takes an unexpected turn when Daisy realises that one of the “customers” is stalker Justin, who is getting ready to assault her with acid.

Thursday, March 31
Tracy, Amy’s mother, pledges to be there for her when she boldly enters the police station. Amy explains that she is coming to report a rape while the police officer inquires as to how he can assist them.
Saturday, March 30

When Beth meets with Marco to talk about the school reunion, he doesn’t seem really interested in hearing about the names Beth is about to mention and suggests they go out for a drink and catch up instead.

Is Beth risking her safety?

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