Coronation Street spoilers. Amy is uncomfortable as Adam touches her following sex attack

Simon questions what is happening (Pictures: ITV)

Aaron Sandford (James Craven) raped Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney), but Amy hasn’t told anybody about it yet.

A few weeks earlier, the two roommates spent the evening together drinking alcohol and generally having a good time.

But, Amy quickly passed out when she slid into bed and informed Aaron that she felt ill and had had too much alcohol. Then Aaron got into bed and started kissing her.

Amy had the horrible realisation that she wasn’t truly able to agree during the aftermath as she began to put together what had occurred thanks to Aaron’s statement about their having sex.

She is naturally perplexed by Aaron’s claim that Amy desired sex just as much as he did, and the model she now has of how certain men might act starts to affect interactions with family members.

Amy stands nervously in her bridesmaid outfit as Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) and Daniel’s (Rob Mallard) wedding draws near.

She flinches when Adam (Sam Robertson) offers her a kind squeeze; Simon notices this (Alex Bain).

He attempts to bring up the matter, but Amy snarls at him.

Since something like this doesn’t simply happen to someone and they forget about it a week later, I believe that one of the story’s most crucial elements is the long term. In regard to Amy’s future, Elle Mulvaney recently said, “That isn’t exactly how things like this operate.”

Thus it will be interesting to observe how the character develops over the next weeks, months, years, and even in subsequent relationships. How will she engage with others differently coming forward? It will be incredibly fascinating to look at, in my opinion.

She will still have her personality, but this will always be a part of her life. She will have to learn to live with it and will have to work hard to recover from it. She will have to start again after this.

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