Emmerdale fans.staggered as Laurel star Charlotte Bellamy reveals real age

Son Arthur has received help from Laurel (Picture: ITV)

Fans of Emmerdale were shocked to learn actress Charlotte Bellamy turned 50, shocking them with her age.

Since moving to the village in 2002, Charlotte, who portrays Laurel Thomas, has been a familiar face on our televisions.

Last week, a fan wished the actress happy birthday on Facebook, stunning many others when they discovered the actress was really much older.

‘Happy 50th birthday to the icon that is Charlotte Bellamy (aka Laurel Thomas).’ Together with a photo of the actress, the original poster had the phrase “Emmerdale fans” in the group.

‘Wow 50? One startled viewer said, “Looking terrific, certainly don’t look 50,” while another agreed. Cheers to Charlotte turning 21.

Charlotte recently turned fifty. (Image courtesy of Tim Whitby/Getty Images) )

You look fantastic in it! Someone wished you a happy birthday.

Throughout her tenure on the serial, Charlotte has had various significant storylines, such as a struggle with alcoholism.

The actress won the British Soap Award for Best Actress in 2017 for a role in which Laurel experienced the loss of her loving spouse Ashley Thomas.

She is now embroiled in a hot subject plot line where Arthur Thomas (Alfie Clarke) has come out as homosexual.

His infatuation for Marshall Hamston (Max Fletcher), a classmate, led to the discovery that Marshall’s father was a homophobic tyrant who was out to ruin both of their lives.

In stirring moments, Laurel confronted the bully and gave Marshall permission to return and live with her.

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