Emmerdale spoilers. Chloe makes big announcement amid exit story

Mack’s bad luck! (Image from ITV)

Despite her original intentions to begin a new life in Scotland, Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) has chosen to remain in the Emmerdale community.

Sarah (Katie Hill) and Chloe just got back from a trip. They left to try and convince Chloe that she could start a new life someplace else when Sarah learned that Mack (Lawrence Robb) is the father of Chloe’s child.

Sarah was talking to Chloe about the potential apartment she was planning to purchase and how she had begun making acquaintances in Scotland when they both returned to the hamlet.

During Chloe’s visit to the hospital due to Charity’s (Emma Atkins) unintentional knocking her down, they had this talk. Chloe (Natalie Ann Jameson) was forced to consider relocating since Amy (Natalie Ann Jameson) was the only one there to support her.

When Sarah saw what was going to happen, she went in search of Mack and advised him to put his kid out of his mind and do all in his power to convince Chloe to relocate to Scotland if he wanted to keep the family happy.

Mackenzie gave his all on the ITV soap opera on Friday (March 24), but it wasn’t enough.

Amy ultimately convinced Chloe to reconsider. The two of them entered the bar, sat up, and announced to Charity and an onlooker named Mack that they were once again housemates.

Chloe will probably give birth in the village now that Mack won’t get what he wanted.

Hence, the only issue that remains is who will inform Charity first?

Will Mack come clean with you?

Will Chloe arrive before him, or not?

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