Coronation Street commences Paul death story in worrying scene

Paul’s symptoms are unrelated to the collision. (Image from ITV)

In recent Coronation Street scenes, Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) learned some unsettling information as his new leave plot got underway.

After a street collision, Paul was taken to a neurologist for evaluation after enduring many weeks of what he thought to be a damaged nerve.

He received some unfavourable news, too, when the neurologist discovered that he had no signs of a wounded nerve and that his accident had absolutely nothing to do with the problems that had been preventing him from working.

Due to Dee Dee Bailey’s (Channique Sterling-Brown) admission that Paul would no longer be able to sue Carla Barlow (Alison King), who had struck him with the Underworld van, for damages, Paul found himself in a tough situation.

Paul was naturally concerned as worries about how he would pay his bills grew since he had taken out a loan that he thought he would be able to repay.

Paul will get an MND diagnosis. (Image from ITV)

These unsettling visuals usher in Paul’s traumatic new plot, which will see him get a Motor Neurone Disease diagnosis (MND).

This narrative will trace the course of the sickness as Paul first manages it on his own until having to inform his loved ones.

Actor Peter Ash said that Paul would soon meet a professional who will give the diagnosis.

He learns that they will be doing MND testing.

“Paul doesn’t really understand what it is, so he has to inquire a little more, and the consultant says these would be the symptoms if it is MND, and I think from that moment he just really falls into shock,”

Paul is also not at all optimistic about it in his own thinking. He sort of believes he has it. Paul believes that is what it is, even though he hasn’t been informed he has it yet and has just been told that they are testing for it.

That makes sense; he says that there’s more going on than simply a typical injury. His whole life is turned upside down as it starts to sink in.

How will Paul deal with his financial issues and a diagnosis that will change his life?

The MND Association and Coronation Street are collaborating closely on this plotline, which will examine the difficulties Paul and others around him may encounter in the next months.

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