Coronation Street spoilers. Sex scandal confirmed as Beth prepares to cheat on Kirk

Is Beth erring in her judgement? (Image from ITV)

On Coronation Street, Beth Tinker (Lisa George) recently reconnected with her ex-boyfriend Marco, and it was clear there was still chemistry between the two as they reminisced about the good old days and their shared love of The Human League.

After the unpleasant episode when Beth smacked Hope (Isabella Flanagan) when she attempted to blame Beth’s dog Peanut for the death of her pet chinchilla, things with Beth’s other half, the dim-but-adorable Kirk (Andrew Whyment), haven’t been going so well lately.

Beth had to go all out to show that she was a good person deep down by sitting down with Kirk and looking through some of their mementos since Kirk was understandably horrified that his partner could be capable of such a thing. Regrettably, a letter from Marco was one of the mementos of Beth and Kirk’s shared existence. Kirk wasn’t fond of the letter.

Beth agrees to see Marco again in forthcoming episodes when he claims he wants to plan a school reunion.

Jodie Prenger’s character Glenda (who sees that Beth finds the idea of seeing Marco again a little too alluring) warns her against going. But Beth, who doesn’t listen to counsel, decides to see her ex-boyfriend at a hotel bar.

Beth recognises she is entering extremely risky terrain and is about to jeopardise her whole relationship with Kirk when she and Marco once again get along well.

Can she finally admit that Kirky has her heart—or will she continue to cheat with Marco?

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