Emmerdale spoiler.video shows huge showdown as blackmailing Samson is attacked

In forthcoming episodes of Emmerdale, Samson Dingle’s (Sam Hall) plan is eventually exposed, and as was predicted, his friends and family are incensed.

Samson made it quite apparent that he had no desire to have anything to do with his daughter once Esther was born. This was mostly due to Samson’s definition of adulthood—thriving in his work, pampering himself to flashy automobiles and luxurious vacations—rather than using his money to support a young kid.

Samson avoided Amelia (Daisy Campbell) for a very long time, but recently, things have changed, and viewers are aware that this is because Samson learned that Noah (Jack Downham) has acquired considerable wealth.

Samson understood that if he seemed to want to be a part of Amelia and Esther’s life, Noah would give him money in return for his word that he wouldn’t bother them.

Next up, following Esther’s health crisis, Samson calls to check on the baby, but he’s really only there to extort more money from Noah. This time, his true intentions are once again exposed. Amelia is heartbroken by his apparent change of heart as soon as he informs her he has changed his mind about spending time with his daughter after receiving the financial transfer from Noah.

As this conversation progresses, it becomes evident that Charity (Emma Atkins) has heard it and she interrogates Noah about his surprising response to Amelia’s request. Her son acknowledges that Samson is blackmailing him and that all of his inheritance money has been spent.

He was never going to succeed, after all. (Image from ITV)
This new video captures the moment Amelia, Noah, and Charity confront Samson, leaving Sam (James Hooton) perplexed as the truth begins to spread around the hamlet.

Will Samson, however, fully confess?

What is the outlook for Samson’s future in the family now that the Dingle code has been cracked once more?

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