Emmerdale spoilers. Charles is left stunned in Kim kidnap drama

Kim and Charles (Pictures: ITV)

Although though Charles’ (Kevin Mathurin) first intuition about Alex (Liam Boyle) was spot-on, his desire to give Alex the benefit of the doubt ultimately prevails, particularly after finding out Kim Tate’s (Claire King) and Will’s (Dean Andrews) sinister truth. For Naomi (Karene Peter) in Emmerdale, this can turn out to be a costly error.

Since returning to the community, Alex has been planning to loot the doctor’s office and has threatened Dawn (Olivia Bromley). He is undoubtedly a bad man.

Charles may like to think he’s changed for the sake of his daughter, but he was correct to say it was very improbable in the first place. Prior to his genuine love Clare jolting him back to reality and reminding him he is there to accomplish a job, Alex also seems to be putting his feet under the table in the village.

Alex enters the operating room but is surprised to see that the medicine cupboard is empty. Clare tells him that even if their strategy has been somewhat disrupted, he can still complete the task if he develops a plan B.

The next day, Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) and Naomi work together to persuade him to pursue custody of his children, which would provide him the confirmation he needs that he has them where he wants them. They are completely unaware of his plans to steal the drugstore delivery vehicle. But does he ever question his ability to adapt to his new life in the Dales? When he makes a decision, he starts the process by pretending to be Liam to learn the van’s arrival time and lay the foundation.

Now that Alex is at Camp Charles, Charles joins the effort to persuade him to fight for his two children. He is even more convinced that Alex is right when he learns that Kim and Will threatened to kidnap him and abducted him in the first place. Charles goes to Home Farm to face them after Alex uses what he believes to be his trump card. Dawn is terrified that this may have an impact on her case.

Might cunning Alex now cause the Tate/Fletcher family to disintegrate? Billy and Dawn are agonisingly waiting for the custody court case to be resolved when Alex is spotted in his vehicle at a crossroads.

He may either go to court to defend his children, or he can go stop the drug van. Which path will Alex choose now that the judge has said that he only has a say if he appears in court?

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