Emmerdale spoilers: Killer car crash drama leaves a victim fighting for life

Who is in difficulty? (Image from ITV)

High drama is about to break out in Emmerdale as Alex (Liam Boyleactual )’s intentions for living in the community and dating Naomi (Karene Peter) brutally come to light, putting a life in danger.

Naomi had already received some of Dawn’s (Olivia Bromley’s) greatest warnings about Alex’s unreliability. When Alex exposes his intention to battle for access to his children, Clemmie (Mabel Addison) and Lucas, he gradually succeeds to win over Charles (Kevin Mathurin) and Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker), as well as Naomi, who is now completely enamoured with him (Noah Ryan Aspinall).

In the meanwhile, Alex’s intended target is the chemist at the doctor’s office, which he intends to loot. As he unlocks the door and discovers that the cabinet is empty, he tells his partner Clare that he has a backup plan: he’s going to loot the pharmacy delivery vehicle.

Charles is horrified when Alex informs him that Will (Dean Andrews) and Kim (Claire King) threatened and kidnapped him in order to keep him away from his and Dawn’s children, and Charles makes the decision to speak with the Home Farm couple about it. Dawn is mortified to consider that her father’s and his wife’s conduct could hurt her case as the court for custody of Clemmie approaches.

Billy (Jay Kontzle) tries to alleviate Dawn’s anxiety as they go to court for the hearing. They are hoping Alex won’t show up at all, but Naomi is attempting to persuade him to appear in court and defend his parental rights.

Alex, though, is elsewhere as they wait for the hearing’s decision—stealing he’s the chemist van.

Later, Charles is stunned to find narcotics in Alex’s vehicle and realises what Alex’s plan has been the whole time. While Charles attempts to contact the police, Alex tries to flee and smashes his phone.

Charles leaves later for a drive while feeling angry. Later, Alex is seen talking to Clare on the phone while standing by the side of the road. He hangs up and walks out onto the street, where he will be struck by a vehicle.

A figure approaches Alex as he lays still in the middle of the road before scurrying away.

Charles, has he murdered Alex?

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